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The human lung was the first air compressor as primitive tribes blew on cinders in order to create fire. As time went on and metallurgy was born a more powerful compressor was needed. From wind to blowpipes and more efficient foot bellows compressing air has evolved into what we know today as air compressors.

Arizona Pneumatic
205 South River Drive
Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: 480-894-9805
The Southwest's leading distributor of high quality air compressor, blower, and vacuum systems to all facets of industry.

Air compressors today convert power into kinetic energy by compressing and pressuring air and they have many uses. From home to Industrial they can be used for simple tasks such as inflating tires and more complex like powering pneumatic drills, spray guns and automotive. From portable and stationary to gasoline or electric powered, there are air compressors to suit any project.

Portable home air compressors can be used for craft projects, sporting gear such as air mattresses and small garage projects. Stationary compressors are often used for industrial jobs such as automotive and machinery work. With the ability to power pneumatic drills and nail guns they help simplify the tasks at hand.

Phoenix area businesses offer a wide range of air compressors for both home and industrial as well as they offer expert repair.