Bail Bonds in Phoenix AZ

Phoenix Bail Bonds
Didn't Do It Bail Bonds
210 N 43rd Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85009
Phone: 602-626-5214
Didn't Do It Bail Bonds, located at 210 N 43rd Ave in Phoenix, specializes in arranging the pledge of money or property to get an accused individual out of jail. Didn't Do It Bail Bonds has been rated the number one fastest bail out of jail as well as the most trusted bail bondsman in Arizona.
Phoenix Bail Bonds
830 E Washington St
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Phone: 602-267-9057
Phoenix Bail Bonds is Phoenix Arizona's iconic bail bonds company. Our Phoenix bail bondsmen have over 10 years experience posting bail. Phoenix Bail Bonds believes making bail should be fast and easy. We can handle most transactions via Fax, Email, or even Text communication. The days of traveling in the heat and traffic to get to the jail or a bail bonds office is over. Most Phoenix bail bonds these days are small and can easily be posted by the client without the need of a bondsman, however, we are happy to post any size bond for you. We encourage the use of credit cards for the bail and fee, or depositing the bail/fee into a bank account. The advantage of charging a transaction and not having to put up hard collateral is manyfold, not the least of which is you get all your bail money back (fees are nonrefundable). Phoenix Bail Bonds has the experience and expertise to put your big bonds together quickly. We have posted some of the largest bonds in Arizona. Days can be lost when you deal with an experienced agency, they are led by their greed and you suffer the consequences.