Electronic Recyclers in Phoenix AZ

DMD Systems Recovery, Inc.
1706 W 10th Pl
Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: 602-307-0180
DMD Systems Recovery is an R2-certified electronics recycling and asset recovery company based in Tempe, Arizona. We offer free pickup throughout the Phoenix area and pay many of our customers back for their retired assets. In addition, we offer certified data destruction either in our facility or at our customers' sites. Finally, we can provide detailed reporting including asset tags, serial numbers, make, and model. We work with organizations of all sizes around the Phoenix area to provide a competitive, and responsible solution for managing end-of-life equipment disposal.
E-Waste Harvesters
3535 E Corona Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85040
Phone: 602-476-7533
E-Waste Harvesters has been an industry leader in asset management, recycling, disposal, and parts harvesting. We sell refurbished computers, LCD monitors as well as other electronic equipment and parts. In our continuing effort to offset the rapidly increasing burden on the environment, EWH addresses these issues through integration of the latest state-of-the-art recycling systems into our processing facility in Phoenix AZ. E-Waste Harvesters has a clear advantage over other electronics recycling companies, We do not dispose of the problem; we truly recycle it all using the most advanced, environmentally friendly and cost effective methods. E-Waste Harvesters, serves small, mid-size and Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, banking industry, cable companies, hospitals, stores, clothing and grocery, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and concerned citizens with the best solution for electronic computer recycling, by providing the following: • DATA SECURITY IS OUR NUMBER ONE CONCERN • Customized asset management and asset tracking throughout the process • Certificates of Recycling or Destruction are given out within 30 days. • Maximum value return from the disposition of IT equipment for valued computer recycling. • The best solution for end-of-life electronics with the least impact on the environment • A viable alternative to e-waste in our world’s landfills • Parts harvesting: to maintain parts inventory to our value added customers.
Forerunner Computer Recycling Phoen
14001 N 7th St, Bldg D107, Ste 1
Phoenix, AZ 85022
Phone: 602-714-7177
Offering a full array computer recycling services, Forerunner Computer Recycling Phoenix was founded to help create work for Non-profits, and a revenue stream to assist them. Forerunner Computer Recycling Phoenix is a total solution corporate computer recycler. Forerunner Computer Recycling Phoenix offers both Individual and Corporate computer recycling, data destruction, hard drive destruction, asset recovery and disposal.
4202 E Elwood St
Phoenix, AZ 85040
Phone: 602-314-6061
Toll Free: 833-397-7157
R3eWaste is an R2 and RIOS certified electronics recycler. We can recycle everything from light bulbs to computers and servers. For businesses, our services are usually at no cost. We can also help you recoup the cost of your technology. For residential customers, we schedule pickups regularly around the valley. Contact R3eWaste today for all of your electronics recycling needs.