Tattoo Removal in Phoenix AZ

Tattoo Removal in Phoenix
740 S Mill Ave
Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: 480-525-9238
Dr. TATTOFF focuses on providing the highest quality tattoo removal and laser hair removal services, and with hundreds of thousands of treatments performed we are widely regarded as the industry leader. Our Phoenix tattoo removal and laser hair removal clinic opened in November 2012. Located across the street from Arizona State University, this tattoo center brings a level of medical expertise and customer serviceto the area. While the vast majority of tattoo removal and laser hair removal practitioners in Phoenix have an unsettlingly low level of training (typically a two-day training course to become a “Certified Laser Specialist”), at Dr. TATTOFF all treatments are performed by Registered Nurses who are overseen and directed by board certified dermatologists. Dr. TATTOFF sets the bar for medical and customer service extremely high. When it comes to your skin, you deserve the peace of mind of being treated by true experts. We are very proud to bring the Dr. TATTOFF brand to Phoenix and we are excited to treat the thousands of people in need of our services.